About Us

Oqros Lomi, the protector of the Caucasus, is a superhero based in Georgia whose life has taken many turns. As the mountains provide his life’s blood and are the source of his great power.
Luka “Leo” Leonidze will give his all to defend his nation and the region as a whole from threats both foreign and domestic.
Lurking in the shadows is the Puppet Master, but will Leo stop him before his plans destroy his homeland?

About Arcane Dragon

We are looking for original ideas to create equally authentic films, in any form – Short, Feature, TV-series or Web-series. We have aimed our attention towards specific genres – Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Psychological Thrillers. Always keeping ingenious vision and art at the fore.
The company also offers masterclasses/workshops within the entertainment industry to enhance local knowledge. With the intent to host successful guest speakers, who demonstrate and share their experiences working on major projects. Keep an eye out for an event calendar to see who the first guests will be.
The company’s vision is to exit the existing frames and aim to enrich the industry in Georgia – creating diversity in genres and challenging the entertainment industry.